How do I know if you’re the one? Setting up a Collaborator Interview

Collaboration can be the start of Big Wins for your career.  As the old saying goes:  “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  A major shift in your career is often sparked by a strategic collaboration. Finding partners that will work together with you towards a … Read more

Heather Powell Case Study

Freelance violinist Heather Powell recently moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco after working with the San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet. Currently, her work includes playing with the Los Angeles Opera, ballet companies, and recording for soundtracks for motion pictures and T.V. shows. But even with a high degree of success, she still … Read more

Afraid to Post on Social Media? How to Overcome Your Fears of Promoting Your Music Online

One of the most common fears our clients have — whether they’re private coaching clients or part of our Coro Community — is posting on social media. They get hung up on questions like… “Do I want to be that person who’s always promoting themselves?” “Does posting on social media cheapen my art?” “What exactly should I say?” “Does … Read more

Fabiana Claure on What It Takes to Turn Your Craft into a Viable Business

Meet Dr. Fabiana Claure, a multifaceted concert pianist, educator, and entrepreneur. As Director of Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music at the University of North Texas and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Superior Academy of Music in Miami, FL, Dr. Claure is a leader among entrepreneurial musicians — and a great inspiration for all … Read more