Releasing the To-Do List

I’ve always been really attached to my to-do list. It gives me a sense of order in the midst of chaos. It makes me feel organized. It gives me a feeling of control, of having a plan, and of knowing what to do next. My obsession with scheduling and to-do lists started in eighth grade. I … Read more

What’s more important: “winning” or getting what you want?

I negotiate every single day. I negotiate with venues on behalf of the artists we represent; I negotiate with partners about how our relationship (financial and otherwise) will be structured; I negotiate with the artists we represent about how we will achieve our common goals; I work with prospective clients to negotiate their expectations to … Read more

LA Philharmonic’s Chad Smith

Jennifer interviews Chad Smith, Vice President of Artistic Planning at the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In this interview, he discusses his own path to the performing arts, his vision for the LA Phil, keeping the performing arts relevant in today’s world, and his advice to young artists to take an entrepreneurial approach to their careers.

Cutting-edge violinist, Stefan Jackiw

Julia interviews violinist Stefan Jackiw, who is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after violinists worldwide. In this interview, he discusses his musical beginnings and decision to pursue music as a career, his choice to attend Harvard rather than a top conservatory, why music is important to our society, his pre-performance routine, and how we … Read more