What’s more important: “winning” or getting what you want?

I negotiate every single day. I negotiate with venues on behalf of the artists we represent; I negotiate with partners about how our relationship (financial and otherwise) will be structured; I negotiate with the artists we represent about how we will achieve our common goals; I work with prospective clients to negotiate their expectations to … Read more

Making Time for Your Career Development Practice

A few posts ago, I made an analogy between the regularity of a daily flossing habit and an ideal career development practice. I should emphasize that this was not to suggest that one must devote significant time to career development every single day, but to find a schedule that is regular enough for you that you can maintain some continuous thread of effort and thought, so that each session doesn’t feel like starting from square one. At the same time, finding ways to incorporate threads of your career development work into a daily practice in extremely low time-commitment ways.


Here’s an example of what I mean.

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